thierrry devaux

Rigour and Professionalism

Professionalism and precision at every level

Perfectionism is essential in my art of acrobatic jump. Each move is carefully planned, assessed and corrected. I am fascinated by the outcome of a specific artistic style. I am designing and making my equipment myself. Above all, I have an aesthetic and creative approach. A show is made of a series of acrobatic jumps. One of the most crucial elements of my activity is the quest for the absolute psychological control. I trained along the years so that I don’t view height as a danger anymore. The drop becomes an amazing space, freed of the original fears and giving opportunities to experience the most dazzling sensations.

I bungee jumped for sixteen years. I am designing and making my equipment myself. I completely refute being qualified as daredevil, and I was never interested in risk-taking! I made my 1000th jump in 2004 and developed what was still a minor form of art. People are undoubtedly going to doubt it, but I often feel fears and my jumps are never provocations of public authorities. I am neither interested in taking risks nor in provoking.

Most of my feats went inconspicuously and completely unnoticed…! The monument should be tall enough and completely safe for the audience. Beyond these initial precautionary measures, my jumping place should be beautiful and historically meaningful. A perfect symbiosis between the most beautiful figures and the most enchanting monumental scenery, in a quest for perfection. As in every elite sport, the physical and psychological commitments are quite demanding and exacting.