thierrry devaux

Personal Researches

Extracts from the chapter : My first yo-yo


(…) I confess I missed some business, perhaps through excessive perfectionism (…). In 1988, I am opposed to the venal spirit of the public jump sites (…). Profits are tempting but it is improbable not to further explore this fantastic material that is latex. I conduct a whole series of research (…). In 2010 and for a long time already security is real. Things have really changed (…).

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(…) I contact several doctors in the face of my passion their attitudes are condescending to my proposals for medical researches (…) A junior hospital doctor decides to write his thesis on these medico - physical appearances (…) All the medical results show that (…).

Patent and development

(…) Over twenty-five years later, I have never sacrificed anything to security procedures (…) My rule: the conical fitting. In case of notches or friction, each core is independent throughout the length of the elastic (…) I did not invent this technique but I adapted it (...).

Specials Clambs

I go back up using my muscle power and I jump using the strength of my head (…). I still have to invent clamps to climb up along the bungee (...) I am the only one doing that. You must be crazy to push sports ethics as far as this (…) I almost drowned in these icy waters and (…) Since this experience, by superstition I always have my equipment with me to come down after a jump in case of difficulty (…).


(…) It is the most elastic material known thus the most resistant with (…) Natural latex comes from the sap of about twenty plants. In 1525 we chewed this ancestor of chewing gum and it rubs out pencil strokes (...) A certain Charles Goodyear invents (…) Latex is now used in the textile industry, for nappies, sports or condoms (…).