thierrry devaux Extract from the chapter : The great adventure of the heigths.

Opening ceremony

The magnificent show for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games uses bungees combined with trampolines. Thirty-six acrobats suspended in a star shape give an outstanding performance in the festive atmosphere and music.

Night Jumps

(…) In 1992, the Val d'Isère resort welcomes the most prestigious Olympic race. I clearly established the distribution of tasks with my assistant Alain Ledoux, mountain guide. (…) From the cabin of the cable-car stopped at the highest point about 80 meters from the ground, I carried out nine acrobatic jumps in one hour. The show features fireworks and decorations in the Olympic colours. (…) During the first figures, I have difficulty in finding my visual marks. The snow and low light make a white-out in the falling darkness (…) the temperature is around -20°C! (…) That evening, I'm the only one who is warm (...).

thierrry devaux thierrry devaux