thierrry devaux

Golden Gate Bridge

Extract from the chapter : See Alcatraz and be scared to death

The short story

The Golden Gate was so successful on the day of its inauguration in 1937, that 200,000 visitors paid 5 cents just for the privilege of walking on it. Located in a site of exceptional beauty, it spans over the cold waters of the Pacific with Alcatraz Island in the background. If its charm lies in its particular colour at sunset, it is finally its foghorn which goes straight to our hearts in San Francisco!

Memories of the Pacific

(…) I am accompanied by my rigorous coach: Martine (…) I jump from the Golden Gate into the sunset of a beautiful day above the Pacific Ocean (…) Loaded like mules, it takes an hour and a half to go a few dozen metres (…) before discretely chaining my six jumps, I allow an enormous Chinese ship and a submerged American submarine to pass! (…) 70 metres above the ocean, with this infinite reddening horizon, the Pacific is certainly the most beautiful place I have jumped …

thierrry devaux thierrry devaux