Brooklyn Bridge

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The great history of the Brooklyn Bridge

Completed in 1883, it is difficult to imagine that this structure was the highest in New York! It was one of the main gateways to Manhattan. With its gothic style pillars, it is characterized by its beautiful location and its spider’s web consisting of 5,700 cables. New Yorkers often consider the side of Brooklyn as the most beautiful urban view in the world

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And 8 in New York

(...)Always perfectionist and rigorous, I visit the inside of the bridge fourteen times prepare the site as I require (...) I jump with Simon Destombes, mountain guide and caving instructor (...) I want to make six jumps but the filming crew surprised by the show asks me for (...) Early in the quiet in order not to disturb anyone, I finally carry out (…) When we attach my bungee, a unbelievable vehicle parks below us (…).

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thierrry devaux thierrry devaux